Product Review: Blue Buffalo Healthy Starts Grain-Free Wet Food

My dogs says we're anxious to do our very first review of a Blue Buffalo product! We know about Blue, but hadn't tried it yet. So, we started off with something from Blue Buffalo's Healthy Starts line of foods: the turkey and egg, grain-free wet food in trays.


This flavor of Healthy Starts has a solid ingredient list: turkey, chicken broth, chicken liver, potatoes, and dried egg make up the first five ingredients. We'll only buy foods that have meat as the first ingredient, so that's always super important to us. We also love grain-free foods, too.


This food comes in single-serving trays, which can be handy. They're small, though, (only three ounces) so these are really best suited for very small dogs. (For reference, these are a half ounce less than a tray of Cesar. However, the ingredients in Blue Buffalo are far superior to what you'll find in Cesar---which is laden with a plethora of meat by-products). If you do choose to use these trays for larger dogs, it's recommended that you serve three or four trays for every 10 pounds of body weight.

The Healthy Starts line is sold in cases of 12 trays and comes in a nifty rack so you can store them nicely in your pantry.

When I peeled back the foil on the tray, I didn't find the appearance of the food to be very appetizing; it looked pretty rubbery. It also didn't smell (although that might be a plus for some pet parents!). However, once I took the food out and mashed it up it was a very nice pate.


Made in the United States of America. That's always a plus in our book!


A case of 12 trays sells for $16.21 from (if you autoship it so it comes to you routinely without having to order it, the price drops to $15.40). The chicken and egg flavor is the same price as the turkey and egg, whereas the beef and egg is a little less and the salmon and egg costs a little more.


All the dogs in the house really liked the Blue Buffalo Healthy Starts Turkey and Egg flavor. Each one finished their bowl and were eager for more. If you have a small dog, this tray is just the right size to accompany your dog's kibble or even to serve as an evening snack. We even gave some of it to my mom to try on her dogs, and all of them gobbled it up, too. So, safe to say, this was a total hit. Four out of four paws, for sure!

Disclaimer: As a Chewy influencer, we received this product for free so we could test it. Our reviews, however, are not bought or paid for and you can count on My Dog Says Woof to give you an honest assessment in all our product reviews. 

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