Product Review: Purina Muse Natural Chicken Grain-Free Pate for Cats

My dog says we have a product review for you today that might surprise you!

It's been awhile since we've had a cat in the house, and we've learned a lot about pet foods since then. We used to buy supermarket brands of food for our companion animals, but finally started to educate ourselves more and we turned into active label readers. Once we read what was in the food we were feeding our furry family members, that's all it took for us to upgrade to premium foods---and we've never looked back.

That said, when we were given the chance to review a Purina product I was skeptical. However, after I looked into it, I was delightfully surprised to see that Purina was making a grain-free, premium product for cats! So, let me tell you more about Purina Muse Natural Chicken Pate Grain-Free Canned Food for Cats.


Although we read everything on the ingredient label, we always pay special attention to the first three ingredients (after all, ingredients are listed in order of quantity so the there's more of the first ingredient, than the second, and so on). We were pleased to see that first three ingredients in the Muse are chicken, chicken broth, and ocean whitefish.

The next few are liver, spinach, sweet potatoes, and blueberry pomace. There are no by-products or "meals" in this food and we couldn't have been happier about that.


The pate was nice and soft. Not mushy or gloppy, though. Just the right consistency, actually. KitCat took to it immediately and ate it all.


Purina Muse is made in the United States.


Muse comes in the three ounce cans (the size you typically see kitten food in) and a 24-can case sells for $22.98 from


The Purina Muse was a great food, which KitCat really enjoyed. And it's great to see a company like Purina putting out a grain-free product with a superior ingredient list! Our initial skepticism is gone and we'll be adding the Purina Muse into our regular rotation of foods.

On a scale of one to four paws we give the Muse a four on taste and a three on value (just because the cans are three ounce and not the larger 5.5. ounce size). Hopefully, Purina will be offering the food in the larger cans soon.

Disclaimer: As a Chewy influencer, we received this product for free so we could test it. Our reviews, however, are not bought or paid for and you can count on My Dog Says Woof to give you an honest assessment in all our product reviews. 

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